Jerseys4Jozi was started in order to give something back, fight for the homeless and uplift underprivileged communities of the city during its coldest season. 


At launch, our aim was to distribute 20 000 brand new hooded sweaters to the homeless of Jozi. These Jerseys (the cornerstone of our name), were a way of building pride, and spreading warmth.


Out of this simple idea, came a far more compelling cause – sustainable improvement.  We realised that dignity wasn’t a gift that could be given; it had to be a lasting, self-assured feeling.


It wasn’t just about giving the downtrodden something to smile about, but rather giving them a way back to the community, and a chance to become more than just a statistic.


So Jerseys4Jozi emerged from the winter of 2013 with a deeper, stronger purpose.

We launched a skills development programme, provided training, mentorship and guidance, assisted with job placement and placed our focus on growth and sustainability. 


Ours has not been a lone mission.  We have received overwhelming support from our corporate partners, sponsors and of course the public who opened their hearts and helped us to not only make our winter jersey campaign a success, but allowed us to reach further than we could have hoped for.


Now, more than ever, we need the support of all of Jozi and beyond.  We operate throughout the year and continue to tackle unemployment and homelessness in Johannesburg.  For us it isn’t about quick fixes, but rather about focusing on creating lasting relationships that bring about opportunities that give individuals a real chance at a better life.


Get involved today, because every bit helps.  Be the change you want to see.