Interact RDT started the Jerseys 4 Jozi initiative as a way for our team and clients to get involved in active community building. Since its inception, we’ve been overwhelmed by the corporate and public support of this worthwhile cause.

For us, Jerseys 4 Jozi is the perfect example of how businesses can add heart to what they do, and widen their purpose beyond products and profits. It was a way to show what we believed in, and lead those around us by example.

We’re committed to growing the Jerseys 4 Jozi initiative and reaching more people in need. As a token of our appreciation of the continued support of our corporate contributors, we’d like to offer all corporate sponsors, who purchase 1000+ jerseys a 10% discount on their next project with us. 



Interact RDT is a Customer Experience Consultancy. We are focused on equipping organisations to make the move from product-centric to customer-centric, through tailored customer experiences that are both memorable and personal.

By combining innovative research with relevant technology and proven methodologies, we offer our clients solutions which transform their organisations, and empower both customers – and employees.

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Jerseys 4 Jozi is a registered and trademarked non-profit organisation. With the help of our Corporate Governance Partners, we are committed to upholding the integrity of the Jerseys for Jozi Initiative.

We would like to reassure both our corporate and public supporters that all funding and donations go toward the production and distribution of jerseys and other warm essentials to the homeless and underprivileged living in Johannesburg.

We thank both Mazars and Fluxmans Attorneys for making this promise possible and providing their auditing and legal expertise respectively, at no cost to the initiative and its supporters.

Legal Partner

Auditing Firm

We would like to thank Meropa Communications for providing us with their services and expertise at no cost to Jerseys 4 Jozi.

Their efforts in spreading the word and raising awareness have ensured that more jerseys reach those in need.